Will You Be My Neighbor?

Your thoughts and empathy have been hugely helpful. Can you all just move here and live in my neighborhood? The San Francisco Bay area has got just about everything you could ask for. I know we’d have a blast. Whad’ya say? Okay, so as not to leave you hanging with the image of me sitting in the dark. Here’s what […]

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That Dark Place

Warning: Heavier than normal stuff in this post. I’ve have been feeling “it” circling me for a little while. The symptoms are unmistakable: a gradual social withdrawal; the somewhat manic devotion to projects and work for the distractions they provide; the nagging sense that if I can keep thinking happy thoughts and stay busy enough that I’ll keep from sliding […]

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90 Million Couples Worldwide Having Trouble Conceiving

fertility industry study

A new fertility study is out, and while the underwriters certainly have their own business interests at heart, it contains some show-stopping numbers.  It points out that 90 million couples worldwide are having trouble conceiving. That means 180 million people are in this struggle together since we all know it takes two to tango here. These are not small numbers. […]

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Blogs That Have Touched Me

What a nice way to end a long and tumultuous week — to find that I’ve been singled out for a Thinking Blogger Award. I’d like to thank both Miss E and Bumble for their kind words and nominations. The feeling, my friends, is positively mutual. Since they and many others like Bea and Aurelia and Mel have already been […]

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