The Quest For Understanding

Out of the nothingness that results from unsuccessful infertility treatment I’ve wanted to create something so that the increasingly invasive treatments and the related loss, damage to dreams and relationships and lingering sadness will not all have been in vain. Through this blog and my developing book I hope to make a small difference, to leave a worthwhile legacy, to […]

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Avoiding Cul-de-Sacs

With time to ponder on a long flight home I formulated a new travel-related analogy  to characterize the difference between living life fertile vs. infertile. The fertile contigent lives life to a large degree on autopilot with many of life’s milestones neatly laid out: first baby shower; baby’s first words; first tooth; first Halloween; first day of school; first tooth […]

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Fathers and Husbands

They are strong but gentle. They adore the women in their lives, and treasure and admire them accordingly. They always seem to know the right thing to say. Their patience runs as deep as the ocean.  They know when to hold their tongue or look the other way and when to offer their advice. They indulge on a regular basis. […]

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Not a Mother, but a Maternal Daughter


This daughter thanks you all for your birthday greetings and wishes. It was an emotionally charged day but not for the reasons you might expect. My mother was admitted to the hospital earlier this week for a sudden life-threatening condition. Fortunately the medical staff moved quickly and smartly to treat her and she’s now recovering.  In the hours following the […]

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The Age Conundrum


It happens every year doesn’t it? With an imminent birthday comes an inventory of sorts. We can’t help but scrutinize ourselves for aging evidence and then compare and contrast the findings with our actual new age.  In my case, on June 12 I graduate to 44. A part of me howls in protest, how can that be? I offer up […]

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