Infertility Shout Outs

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In keeping with the spirit of National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) and those making a difference, I want to extend a few shout outs:

To Ellen, the mother of a 10-month-old, who made a point of posting about the best way to help infertile couples after reading about the NIAW on my blog. She’s earned an Act of Kindness Award with these words directed at her readers:

“Those of us who’ve experienced infertility know that we will NEVER
forget the pain and struggle that we experienced. The challenge now for
me is to make sure that those that I know who are dealing with
infertility know that they will always receive compassion and a
listening ear from me. Sadly, when I was dealing with infertility, I
came across some women who didn’t seem to remember the dark valley that
they’d walked through. Their comments were hurtful, and I remember that
I resolved then and there, during those encounters, that if God ever
gave me a child, I would always do my best to be there with others in
their dark moments.” 
Thank you, Ellen.  You’re a terrific role model…

To Mr. PJ, who has every right to grumble loudly about losing his breakfast companion, but he doesn’t. You see, since I discovered this vibrant and very compelling infertility blogging community, our days of swapping commentary over cups of freshed brewed coffee and newspapers has become a distant memory. I’m now too engrossed with my laptop busily reading and commenting on your blogs. Again, to his credit, he encourages me to read aloud from your posts when he finds me busting out in laughter or wiping away tears.


And to my physical world pals (Susan F., Jane, Gail, Julie, Tris, Carol, Barb, Susan M). You’ve been more than kind in helping me along.  I need to make a point of not neglecting you. In the future, I’ll do my best to “step away from the computer.”

Finally … to all you loyal readers and commentors (is that even a word?) You’ve brightened my world …