Barren But Beautiful, Baby! – Part I

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Barren But Beautiful *… Now I know this is a novel concept, but stick with me. There’s substance here.

What’s one of the first things that flies out the window when you are diagnosed with infertility? That’s right! Your self-esteem. How can it not?

We’ve all seen (and experienced) the negative connotations and responses associated with the infertile condition. When was the last time you saw an infertile woman or man depicted as anything other than bitter, suspect, semi-crazed, unworthy, or downright mean? These are hardly warm and fuzzy associations.

Infertility delivers an ego blow — no doubt about it. When we’re beaten and feeling down we can’t help as infertiles but to internalize some of the negative associations. Mostly because we don’t know any better.  Where are the role models to show us another way of looking at ourselves? To convince us that we do have beauty, value and great worth?

It’s become abundantly clear to me that we’ve allowed society at large to reinforce these nasty and unappealing attributes. What we have here is a classic perception problem.

I’m in marketing. I know how this is done. So I’m here to do some image repair. Anybody want to join me? I’ve created a new category here to capture posts that portray infertiles as the beautiful and worthy people that we are.  As anyone in marketing will tell you it’s all about the message, and reinforcing the message with credible and consistent positioning and examples. We gotta walk the talk. There are a few steps to get this campaign off the ground.

First, and I know this is a big step, (it’s taken me a few years to make the climb) you have to relocate your self-esteem. In order to convey the message successfully we have to BELIEVE it. And I do, damn it! Come on. Repeat after me: I am Barren AND Beautiful.

Stay tuned for more on this image repair effort in subsequent posts …

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* Feeling can vary somewhat depending on where one is in the hormone cycle…