Infertiles Can Giggle, Too!

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This infertile’s assessment of the movie Juno just might surprise.

The story concerns a knocked up teenage heroine. Early in the film we find her in a convenience store not wanting to believe the positive pee stick staring back at her. Kryptonite for an infertile, right? You think I’m supposed to be outraged, indignant…

Well you’d be wrong. I found the story endearing. I busted a gut from the snappy, offbeat dialogue and found myself rooting for the plucky ingenue.

Yeah. Truly. Caught you off guard, didn’t I? Come on now. You thought ‘infertiles’ were just a bunch of humorless, holier than thou, self-pitying wretches didn’t you?  Well, we’re not. We have the ability to suspend disbelief like anyone else. We can poke fun and appreciate biting irony as well as the next guy.

I’ll admit I found myself wondering, as I laughed, if I would have been able to chuckle quite as merrily at the story a few years ago. It made me appreciate how far I’d come in reconciling the ups and downs of our attempts to get pregnant.

My only nit with the film was the portrayal of the infertile character played by Jennifer Garner. I took some exception to how uptight she came across. Hey, we ‘infertiles’ have our moments, but we’re not one-dimensional automatons either.

We have to have a sense of humor to survive the absurdities that come our way. It comes with the territory. How can you get naked on a regular basis in front of strangers and take yourself seriously? It’s just downright impossible. And let’s not even discuss the dildocam …

So, here’s to much laughter amid the weirdness that is life in 2008!