BlogHer Video: When The Road to Motherhood Is Anything But Smooth

Join Pamela Tsigdinos, Lori from Weebles Wobblog, Monica Mingo, and Melissa from Stirrup Queens for a frank discussion about what it’s like to realize you are not on the fast track to motherhood. These women are in different stages of dealing with infertility issues, but there is one common thread. They all want or wanted to become a mom, and […]

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Brangelina “Not Defective,” Just Impatient is All

in vitro fertilization

Enough! Give me back the gossip magazines of old. Where’s Bjork? I want Thelma and Louise! I long for days when fashion snafus on the red carpet and stars on their exotic vacations filled the covers. Give me Barbra Streisand as a political commentator.  Where are the gossip mags that offer the pure, unadulterated joy of escaping the more predictable […]

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Surrounded by ‘Mommy Bloggers’


I pulled my car into the hotel garage where the BlogHer conference would take place and found it ironic that two women with infants tucked snuggly in Baby Bjorns were there to greet me … well not greet me exactly but happen across my path. Tourists? or Mommy Bloggers? was my first thought. It’s tourist-heavy San Francisco after all and […]

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‘Inferti-Nesia’ : When Infertiles Forget

As a Mom

Hokey doke. Time for some ‘infertiles’ fun since I’ve been way too heavy and all buzz-kill of late. I bring you another “as a mom” laden story replaced with the requisite “as an infertile” and other contextual modifications. Enjoy! Inferti-Nesia: When Infertiles Forget ‘Inferti-nesia,’ a term used by many infertiles to describe their worsening memory function as they shoot up […]

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