BlogHer Video: When The Road to Motherhood Is Anything But Smooth

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Join Pamela Tsigdinos, Lori from Weebles Wobblog, Monica Mingo, and Melissa from Stirrup Queens for a frank discussion about what it’s like to realize you are not on the fast track to motherhood. These women are in different stages of dealing with infertility issues, but there is one common thread. They all want or wanted to become a mom, and have found roadblocks and detours obscuring what seems to be so easy for others. Is infertility one of the last things that nobody wants to talk about? Not in this blogging community.

It’s here.  It’s finally here!

I’ve been waiting for the video file to be made available following our panel concerning infertility at the BlogHer conference July 19.  (You might note the irony of the baby fussing in the background the minute I start to talk.)

The intent of the session, being part of the “MommyBlogging Track,” was to build a bridge to the Mommy Blogging community and open up a dialogue about the diffiiculties that women who can’t conceive easily (if at all, as in my case) face, often unexpectedly, in their daily life. I hoped we might shed some light on what it means to be misunderstood at best or marginalized at worst by those who conceive without ever having to consult a reproductive endocrinologist.

You can read other comments about the session (also available to view) on Lori and Bella Vida‘s blogs.


Always one to expand on a good idea, Mel has followed up on the notion of bridge building and initiated work on a new site called simply Bridges to share information and enable online conversations about a range of topics that can be hard to discuss or understand from infertility to cancer to addiction.

In Mel’s words: “There are a lot of sites that are built to both build community and share support and resources intercommunity. Yet I couldn’t find any that were bridges for the outsider: those who knew someone affected and wanted to understand yet didn’t know a way in or those who had gained empathy from their own experience and wanted to better understand someone else.”

Since I’m passionate about reducing the stigma that shrouds infertility and the difficulties associated with living in the wake of unsuccessful infertility treatments, I’m going to be a contributing editor for the Living Childfree After Infertility portion of the site (Loribeth is, too).  If you are writing about this topic and would like to have your blog added to the site’s Blogroll please let us know. For those readers who don’t have blogs but have interest in this subject, I’d also welcome thoughts associated with this topic you’d like researched or developed further.

Finally, I’d like to thank Dr. Bad Ass for choosing my blog to receive an award. This from a college professor no less! I’m going to give some thought now to others I’d like to recognize in turn.