My Mosaic Project Continues

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A new year and with it the opportunity to take a look back at where we’ve come from and, perhaps more importantly, point ourselves in the direction we’d like to go.

For some of us that’s easier said than done. In the infertility community this annual exercise is complicated by any number of what ifs and the maddening Creme_de_la_Creme_Usedwaiting and wondering associated with consultations, research, tests, treatments and assessment — all the while trying to maintain a sense of hope for a sometimes elusive outcome.

I’m one of several millions of women and men who make up the infertility community and one of nearly 200 who contributed a blog post to a remarkable anthology called The Creme de la Creme. It was compiled for the third year by the ever caring Mel who is tireless in her work on behalf of couples looking for understanding and a way forward after losses association with infertility.

I had a mid-year look back and forward, which was the basis for my Creme de la Creme entry about coping with infertility called Becoming Me.

In 2009 (and in new years to come) I plan to continue the ever challenging, often confounding but never dull task of creating the mosaic that is my life.  What are you looking forward to in the new year?