When Infertility and the Holidays Collide

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Serenity now! That’s the collective thought for most couples as they navigate through the holidays and try to keep infertility from becoming a buzz kill of the worst  kind.

There are more than a few givens that come with this season. One of them is that we’re about to be inundated with holiday tunes, which gave me the germ of an idea for  my Barren not Beaten column on Fertility Authority. It’s my musically-challenged attempt to give those in the midst of ttc (“trying to conceive” for the lay person), or trying to move on the confidence that they, too, will survive.

I’d like to take the idea a step further for those inclined to comment here.  Simply share a tune with modified lyrics — something that lends itself to a good distraction for an awkward encounter.

p.s. I’ll also be doing some radio interviews in the next few weeks on this very topic — when infertility and the holidays collide. Welcome your coping tips. Think of it as a potluck of ideas.