New Decade, New Beginnings (updated)

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Updated 1/4/2010

Silent SororityWanted to share a TV interview scheduled at the end of last year that took place today on the ABC affiliate KXTV. I hope you find that it moves the discussion away from OctoMom and the related soap opera reality TV shows focused on unusual fertility treatment outcomes to the more basic realities faced by couples coping with infertility. Please feel free to share. You can view the video from the KXTV website here:

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Original broadcast can be found here>>>

Original post from 12/30/2009

I made my way into our coffee-perfumed kitchen yesterday morning and heard my better half in the garage. I opened the door into the chilled place that holds stuff that doesn’t rank storage space in the house and found him wrestling with a large, black plastic bag.

Trash day… of course.

Minutes later as my head got its first jolt of caffeine it dawned on me that this was not your average trash day. It was the last trash day of the decade! Oh, the opportunities to purge, de-content, toss and recycle 10 years of God knows what flooded my brain.

I’m a metaphor person. I also relish tidy bookends. Into my second cup of coffee I started to groove on the idea of bundling up the tired, weighty emotional baggage from the past 10 years of life and placing it on the curb.

Since publishing Silent Sorority (five years in the making) earlier this year I’ve been on high alert for signs of unfinished infertility business, halting denial, delusional wishful thinking.  I’ve had some false starts in the infertility reconciliation department to be sure, but in recent months I’ve reached a new level of readiness. Good riddance Decade From [Infertility] Hell! (How appropriate in so many ways is this Time magazine cover?)decade2

The dawn of a new decade provides a unique chance to turn the page, literally, and face the future unshackled by the ghosts and broken dreams that dominated 1999-2009. And I’m ready. I mean really ready.  Eager even. As I foreshadowed in a post last May, I’ve started looking not down, not backwards, but UP!

While Coming2Terms will remain in place as testament to where I’ve we’ve come from — 275 posts and nearly 5,000 comments in the almost three years — I’ve been dabbling with the makings of a new blog that gives those of us without children a place to share “I not only survived, I’m thriving” stories.  The new blog (here’s an early look) is in its formative stages so your contributions and ideas are welcome.

And with an eye to all good things that a new decade and new beginnings can bring, here’s to renewed hope, much joy and lives well lived.  Cheers!