There’s More Than One Infertility Outcome

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Update: As evidence of a sea change in how infertility is portrayed, Yahoo Shine featured on its homepage a story about “the growing women’s movement to de-stigmatize infertility.” It came in the wake of the latest edition of Our Bodies, Ourselves (which includes an expanded section on not just the physical but the emotional aspects of infertility) and Redbook’s Truth About Trying campaign, referenced below. Feels great to be part of an effort to limit prejudice and open up a new dialogue about a long misunderstood experience.


It’s bittersweet to visit my old blog.

Coming2Terms holds many raw, competing emotions, growing pains, and, yes, what were once a few secrets. It’s all here, naked and unvarnished, available for anyone curious to know where my infertility journey took me and how my life unfolded. Five years on from Coming2Terms’ origin, this little slice of the Internet remains a strong force in my life, responsible in many ways for ushering me along to where I am today.

screenshot2The knowledge that more than a few women (and men) are just now arriving where I once began is what led me to create a video for Redbook‘s newly launched infertility campaign, The Truth About Trying.  The question we were asked to address in our videos: What is it we wish we’d known…

You’ll find my answer (also captured in this post headline) among many other answers, including a video response from my fellow “life after infertility” blogger Lisa. Her latest blog post relates what she experienced at the campaign launch. (I hear you, sister!)

Redbook hopes these initial contributions spur many more women to make their own videos, all in the service of reducing stigma and fostering greater understanding and empathy.

Meanwhile, wishing all — regardless of where you are on your own journey — much peace and happiness.


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