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Hello new readers and visitors…

If you’re here for infertility insights you’re in the right place. You’ll find 279 blog posts and 5,042 comments — all shared since Coming2Terms started in February 2007. Take a look around and delve into what many women around the world have shared about coming to terms with infertility.

When you’re done here, please come visit my latest blog. It launched in January 2010 with the express purpose of documenting what it looks like to move once and for all past the TTC (infertility lingo for trying to conceive) days. The no-longer-Silent-Sorority blog has since become a place for women to speak out about their experiences. You can see and hear where we are in our new lives after infertility. It was not easy to recover from the trauma. However, with the help of those participating in the infertility blogosphere, many of us have (gratefully) found peace and tranquility.

TiogaPass.2014.HalfDomeI’m now 52 years old. (That’s me and Mr. T, above, in Yosemite in 2014). With the benefit of 10+ years distance from IVF, I more fully appreciate why it’s important for women and men to share their infertility war stories.  In our society everybody loves a winner. Failure? Not so much. As a result, when Mother Nature and science find their limits on the conception front couples routinely find themselves at the end of a long, painful infertility road without the support that accompanies other devastating life experiences.

Through my blogs, op-eds, speaking engagements, podcasts and interviews, I’m committed to eradicating ignorance and elevating awareness about the high failure rates of reproductive medicine, as well as the need for the “fertility” industry to provide greater support and emotional care to those who experience IVF treatment trauma and loss.

While the global fertility industry has heralded the birth of babies born via in vitro fertilization (I.V.F.) since 1978, it’s time we acknowledge and bear witness to the emotional tolls, traumas and risks associated with the millions more cycles that have resulted in failure over the last 35 years: 77 percent global failure rate in 2012 and nearly 70 percent in the United States in 2010.

Those of us who have had to pick up the pieces know all too well there are no clear instructions on what it takes to embark on a life path that doesn’t involve parenting following fertility treatment losses. Through the generosity of many the infertility insights continue to pour forth. I’m honored to be among those sharing some hard won life lessons.

Candid Conversation: A pull no punches podcast exploring life after infertility.


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