There’s More Than One Infertility Outcome

Pamela Mahoney Tsigdinos

Update: As evidence of a sea change in how infertility is portrayed, Yahoo Shine featured on its homepage a story about “the growing women’s movement to de-stigmatize infertility.” It came in the wake of the latest edition of Our Bodies, Ourselves (which includes an expanded section on not just the physical but the emotional aspects of infertility) and Redbook’s Truth About Trying campaign, referenced below. Feels great […]

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Looking Back At How I Got Here

looking back

15-44. That’s a category I just left in the dust. Normally I don’t pay much attention to age-related categories but this is a biggie. It’s the standard measure of child-bearing age. The U.S. Census bureau uses it. The National Center for Health Statistics uses it. The government of Scotland, for Pete’s sake, uses it. And I’m now outside of it. […]

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Shadow Boxing in the Wake of Failed Fertility Treatment

Today’s post concerns fighting. It’s something I hadn’t thought all that much about until Nancy, a fellow blogger, sent me a package in the mail.  It contained a pair of red boxing gloves. Attached to them was heartfelt verse.  The thoughts that led to the idea took shape right after the new year. That’s when Nancy noted in a post […]

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Revealing the Elephant in the Room

Infertility is like the elephant in the room. We all know it’s there but few are willing to acknowledge it. It strikes our sisters and brothers, our sons and daughters, our cousins, our friends, our colleagues and people all around us in the grocery store, the mall, the park. It can affect, in so many ways, the lives of persons sitting next to […]

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New Study: Men Suffer, Too; Online Support Beneficial for Couples

We all know that men are socialized to be tough guys. For the most part, they are less emotionally volatile than women — especially those shot up with extra hormones. A recently released study, however, caught my eye. It showed that men suffer psychologically, too, as they come to terms with infertility. Some 256 men from the Copenhagen Multi-Centre Psychosocial […]

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