Ice Cream Good for Fertility – Who knew it was that easy?

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ice creamOkay, I know this story will be picked up in every mainstream and online outlet tomorrow, but for those of you who only read infertility blogs, I had to highlight it. Oh, that it were this easy. Outrageously expensive prescriptions and superhuman medical intervention be damned! Who could have guessed that what I really needed was more creamy chocolate chip ice cream in my diet?

What’s really worth noting here is that this type of headline is all that the uninitiated read. They can’t help but think…so what’s the problem? Eat more ice cream, relax (’cause clearly the ‘infertiles’ are all just too uptight!)

And if that doesn’t work just get down to your local ‘fertility’ clinic. They can get you fixed up in a jiffy with twins no less — just like all those celebs out there. Chop, chop, what are you waiting for?

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2 Replies to “Ice Cream Good for Fertility – Who knew it was that easy?

  1. Damn, I knew there was a reason that I should be eating chocolate-chip mint every night after dinner! Hmmm. Or maybe I should go with B&J chocolate nut fudge …

  2. What a misleading title too. It seems like only YOGURT was helpful, not regular ice cream.

    I love this quote: “A good healthy dose of skepticism is good for people,” especially when the results are so hard to swallow”

    Ice-cream/yogurt ain’t too hard to swallow- haaa. Wonder if that was an intentional pun? 🙂

    thks for sharing

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