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The Social Experiment Continues into the Twlight Zone


Thanks to all who’ve offered up their thoughts to the Twilight Zone post so far. I’ve reached out to Jenn Satterwhite, an editor in the Blogher community, who has offered to solicit more participation. Please&hellip

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Join Me in the Twilight Zone, You Decide Where it Goes…


One of the techniques used to highlight what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes to “role play.” Well, I’d like to take that a step further.  I’d like to invite my fertility challenged&hellip

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The Selfish Route? Are you Serious?!


For quite a few years now my husband and I have marveled over (and made mental note of) the outrageous things we’ve had to stomach from those worthy of induction to “The Dense Hall of&hellip

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Handling the Loaded Question


During a business meeting dinner (party of five) in a noisy restaurant earlier this week, a colleague who doesn’t know me very well turned to me as the conversation veered off into talk of kids&hellip

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The Ultimate Mashup


The online world is enamored today with the “mashup”… here’s one I often wonder about. What would a mashup of these two characters have looked like (Note: these snapshots show my husband and me at&hellip

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The Double Whammy


Today was one of those days that offered up the one-two punch and just about leveled me. Fortunately, a new reader (Baby Blues) dropped by and her comment led me to her blog which had&hellip

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More Political Correctness? No thanks…


Another memo to the fertile community and to those infertiles who’ve crossed over… A wise friend, a man who has also had to come to terms with infertility, recently suggested to me that in writing&hellip

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In the DFZ – The De-Fertilized Zone


Since I posted this Tuesday night, some great comments have come in, please check them out below…The DMZ — or Demilitarized Zone — for those not conversant in military acronyms describes a no-man’s land. It’s&hellip

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A Confession About Newborns


Just after one of my best friends delivered her third child we got together for lunch.  Her pregnancy had been totally unexpected and a complete shock to her and her husband. Her doctor had all&hellip

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The Shame of Failure


In reviewing my blogroll this weekend I came across a question raised by Sharah in Outlandish Notions. She asks “Why Don’t We Talk About This More?”outside of our blogs — “this” being how difficult it&hellip

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