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What a nice way to end a long and tumultuous week — to find that I’ve been singled out for a Thinking Blogger Award. I’d like to thank both Miss E and Bumble for their kind words and nominations. The feeling, my friends, is positively mutual. Since they and many others like Bea and Aurelia and Mel have already been singled out, I’m going to select five others whom I don’t believe have yet basked in the warm glow that comes with the acknowledgement. The five bloggers I nominate include:

Aunt Sassy who pens Rotten Eggs. I never expected to laugh and cry at the same damn time while reading someone else’s thoughts about infertility. She’s a talented writer with a rapier wit who sheds light on the highs and lows of tackling infertility.

Sharah at Outlandish Notions captures the nuance, the hard realities and the absurdity associated with infertility. Her posts routinely evoke many similar emotions and experiences for me.

Karen at Upon Awakening has only just joined the blogosphere but her initial posts have been so poignant and thought provoking that I know we’ll have much to learn from her.  While I once felt like I knew just about everything there was to know about living infertile in a fertile world, she’s given me much to mull over.

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DD at T.K.O More or Less was the first woman with secondary infertility who managed to make me understand that her pain was no less than mine. I’m somewhat ashamed to admit that I had a lot of anger toward and misunderstanding about those with SIF when I started this year. I thought that they had little to complain about by comparison but I’ve since learned a thing or two.

And my fifth nomination is unconventional because she doesn’t have her own blog.  Her comments and regular visits, however, to a number of other blogs come with very powerful thoughts and experiences. So I hereby nominate Angela who uses the pen name Deathstar. Her last comment and many others she’s left for me have filled me great emotion.

That’s not to say that everyone on my Blogroll and others who’ve dropped by and left me comments haven’t also caused me to think.  You have.  I’m grateful for your insights and will continue to visit and respond in kind.


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  1. Deathstar

    April 22, 2007 12:58 am

    Thank you, Pamela, that’s so sweet of you to nominate me. You made my day. As I sit here with my crampy self, I kind of wish I had started a blog.

    I was never really sure if I should. Wasn’t sure if I could offer anyone anything interesting to read, but as I have read many a blog over the past few months, I realize that blogs aren’t there to entertain people.

    I’ve been really touched by the blogs of Thin Pink Line, Rotten Eggs, Upon Awakening, and of course Coming 2 Terms. It did make a difference to me. I didn’t feel so alone. When dealing with infertility, you come to realize that there are very few people, if any, that you can really talk to. Sometimes not even your own spouse. When you’re not one of the fortunate ones that have success, your pain becomes invisible. You feel as if you don’t can’t share your grief with anyone. Took me a while to even realize that I had actually been traumatized to a certain degree. I wanted my story to end in triumph with the safe delivery of a healthy baby. Then I could tell my heroic story to whoever needed encouragement and hope that the impossible could indeed be possible.

    Instead, it’s more like, life isn’t fair, so now what the fuck am I supposed to do with this heartache?

    So, back to the world of coffee, booze and tampons for me. And I will be chanting deeply, vigorously for clarity, for peace, for answers, for something other than grief to fill my heart. (And by the way, I will chant for you,too.)

    • Pamela Jeanne

      April 22, 2007 3:38 pm

      I appreciate the chanting on my behalf. And when you find clarity, peace, or answers please do share the insights. In the meantime my heartache is lessened some by the community of women who trade stories and experiences through comments and blogs. Good to know that this community exists to help each of us and others know that we are not alone.

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