A ‘Desperate Housewife’ and Others Working to Make Dreams Come True


One of the many tools I use online is a news reader that surfaces stories and blogs on subjects I care about. The other day it surfaced a story about an organization called Fertile Dreams which promotes fertility issues through education and advocacy. ID also provides three $10,000 scholarships each year for treatments such as in vitro. How cool is that? The organization’s mission is one that I feel passionately about as well:

“Fertile Dreams’ mission is to empower those touched by fertility issues through prevention, education, and advocacy. It is committed to redefining public perceptions of infertility by
facilitating dialogue, dispelling myths, and championing for fertility
rights, thereby eradicating the stigma that exists today.”

Actress Brenda Strong from TV show Desperate Housewives in an interview shared the following about why she elected to get involved as an organization spokeswoman:

“Nobody gets involved unless they’re affected. I personally
got involved because I started experiencing secondary infertility — it just
wasn’t easy the second time. As a society, we need to talk about this. There
are millions of people having difficulties having children. But they go through
it quietly and desperately, no pun intended. They feel ashamed that they
couldn’t do it like everybody else. And we need to talk about it and let people
know there are groups that can help.”

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“They go through it quietly and desperately.”  I hear you Brenda. You’ve captured the primary reason I continue to champion this cause through this blog and why I’ve devoted my free time to writing a novel about this very subject. The more we enlighten people about this intensely misunderstood subject the less likely couples in the future will be forced to suffer in silence.


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