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Parenting: The New Competitive Sport???


Just when I worry that I’ll run out of things to write about here, something inevitably lands in my lap. When I tuned into a national news program earlier this week I was appalled to&hellip

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Happiness Sold Separately


Lolly Winston imbues her novel Happiness Sold Separately with poignant and meaningful passages and scenes that characterize the lasting and sometimes surprising impact that infertility visits on a couple’s relationship. Winston does a fine job&hellip

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NIAW: You Can Make a Difference


I admit there’s irony in promoting an item about Infertility Awareness among my largely infertile readership — like y’all need any help being reminded of the difficulties in your world compliments of infertility. In fact&hellip

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Promises, Promises


Hardly a week goes by when there isn’t some new study talking about a promising new fertility discovery or nefarious contributor to infertility. Take this study not long ago about the 350 genes involved in&hellip

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On The Road to Recovery


Hi, I’m Pamela, and I’m Infertile. How’s that for an ice breaker? I haven’t tested it in its raw form, but I’m coming pretty close. It seems at times like I’m following my own 12-step&hellip

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Revealing the Elephant in the Room


Infertility is like the elephant in the room. We all know it’s there but few are willing to acknowledge it. It strikes our sisters and brothers, our sons and daughters, our cousins, our friends, our colleagues&hellip

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In Remembrance


 Just in its second formal year, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day will likely never rival other more universally recognized days of remembrance. It’s intended to show support and help those — many suffering in&hellip

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A New Chapter – Guilt Not Included


Some of you have asked me to write about the moment when I stopped feeling childless and started feeling peace. I couldn’t do it because the actual moment hadn’t occurred — until now. You are&hellip

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Door Closing … and A Window Opening?


Well, well, well. I’m feeling quite smug, but not for the reason y’all might expect. That’s right. I’m still not pregnant, but I am making great progress writing about what it feels like not to&hellip

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When Advice Doesn’t Pass the Sniff Test


I’ve never been a fan of Dr. Phil, however, I offer him a begrudging thanks for providing me the grist for today’s post. I wouldn’t normally pay any heed to this guy, especially since he’s&hellip

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