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Making Peace with Children


One of the hardest things about being infertile is coming to terms or reconciling how I relate to other people’s children. Luna’s latest thought-provoking post got me thinking more about this hairy topic. During the&hellip

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Fighting The Lowest Common Denominator


Don’t you hate it when you’re drawn into a fight you didn’t want to have in the first place? I’m not talking about a fist fight. No. This was a war of words. While I’m&hellip

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On Overcoming the Infertility ‘Ick Factor’


Some subjects make us squirm. They’re not part of our comfortable consciousness. We know they exist but, given our druthers, we’d rather avoid than confront them. They suffer from the “ick factor.” Even in 2008, some&hellip

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Would You Read This Book? (Updated)


UPDATED: Would this Silent Sorority book description (distilled with reader input) lead you to pick up the book and crack open the spine? And is the book something you might pass along or refer to&hellip

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Thrashing Out New Answers


As I make my way through what has begun to feel like “grief central” a new set of thoughts and questions is surfacing. Why does the grief from infertility feel so substantially different from when&hellip

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When the Heart Opens Again


Tears came to me spontaneously tonight, but not for the usual reason. They were tears of relief. Tears of understanding. Tears from releasing for the first time a pain that was so tightly wound up&hellip

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Overcoming Stress: First Acknowledge It, Then Paddle Your Own Canoe


Trying to fully understand the emotional dimensions of infertility has become something of a hobby of mine. Some people cook, knit or exercise in their spare time. Me? I’m a research hound. I’ve warned readers&hellip

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Role Models and Putting Emotions Work


Role models after failed IVF are hard to come by. Understandably, we’re in all new territory. Nevertheless, I’m devoting this year to making huge leaps and bounds in managing my infertility and its legacy. For&hellip

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Tall, Asthmatic and “Childfree?”


Tall, asthmatic and childfree. These are three attributes that describe me. I didn’t choose them. They chose me. What’s curious is the way society assesses these attributes, especially the last one. I came to this&hellip

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Words of Chance, Caution and Kindness


The voice of the late 20-something echoed in the ladies room. “I wonder if I’ll be as laid back as Christina when I get pregnant…” When I get pregnant. A casual, off-handed expression of inevitability.&hellip

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