Monthly Archives For February 2008

It Was Only a Matter of Time


We’ve got fertility doctors, fertility kits, fertility clinics, fertility vacations, fertility diets, fertility how-to guides, it was only a matter of time before the “fertility coach” came on the scene. I’m not sure how I&hellip

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Oh No You Di’int!


Well, well. well! It’s been a while my dear Momzilla folk, but not nearly long enough. There I was in Infertility Rehab doing my best to mind my own bid’ness and then you come back&hellip

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Into Uncharted Territory


Last century — that sounds so much more interesting than “in 1991” — Susan S. Lang’s book Women Without Children hit the bookshelves. It was already a dozen years old when I found it but&hellip

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Magnum Opus Personified


When you’re with someone who is first rate — I mean Grade A, top drawer, Certified Angus, Blue Ribbon winning material you want to see those genes get passed on.  Thirteen years ago I fell&hellip

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A Few Odd, Assorted Things


“Tag” has been making the rounds. I’ve been double tagged — by Luna and Chicklet. The rules:1) Link to the person who tagged you (I did above).2) Post the rules.3) Share six non-important things /&hellip

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