Monthly Archives For May 2008

Show and Tell A New Blog Look


Picking up where I left off in my last post … what better way to start off June than a new look and feel. I’m showing off my new blog header, designed and created by&hellip

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What Color Am I Now?


Transitions and turning points? Well, they’re hard to maneuver. One foot in the all-too-familiar world you’re living in and the other reaching across (in my case, tentatively) to get a toehold in the new world,&hellip

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Stuck in a Thought Bubble


I’ll take a long weekend over a short weekend any time, but I have to guard against the “too much time to think” affliction. When I get to mulling over an idea I can do&hellip

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A Belief in a Just World? Ah! That’s Why Fertiles Don’t Care


I’ve been mulling over an idea sparked by the work of social psychologist Melvin Lerner. Mr. Lerner’s work surfaced in a recent New York Times piece. Curiously, the article had nothing whatsoever to do with&hellip

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Infertility Quiz Time


Infertility is an intensely personal experience but the more I’ve learned about its reach the more surprised I am by how little mainstream visibility the condition actually receives. There are a host of health issues&hellip

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In the Grass is Always Greener Category


Usually I get a little hot under the collar when I hear parents muse longingly about whether their life would have been happier without kids. Oh, to even have kids to imagine away. Such parental&hellip

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And Then I Became A Little Girl Again


This is a story about a father on mother’s day. No matter how old I get, in the eyes of my father I’ll always be an innocent little girl who needs to be safeguarded. As&hellip

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Bittersweet Symphony


Cause it’s a bittersweet symphony this life I need to hear some sounds that recognize the pain in me, yeah I let the melody shine, let it cleanse my mind , I feel free now&hellip

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Failure is Not an Option…


… or is it? I guess it depends on your definition of failure. This latest philosophical debate kicked off in my head a few days ago. The catalyst? The contents of an email I received&hellip

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Zen and the Art of Avoiding Mother’s Day Marketing


Short of locating an atomic bomb shelter to hang out in for the first 10-15 days of May there’s no way to avoid the bombardment of online, TV and prints ads or the point of&hellip

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