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It’s the Little Things That Make All the Difference


We can never take away someone else’s pain, but we can certainly help to dull the edges.  Now visiting my niece and nephew in Ireland, I see just how hard it is to want for&hellip

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A Place I Never Thought We’d Be


Well, knock me over with a feather. We infertiles are turning up on Mother’s Boards, Blogs, Forums.  Well, not us exactly, but discussions about what we face, the challenges of infertility. Quite frankly, it’s a&hellip

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Show and Tell: Love in Small Packages


Sticky and playful hugs and kisses and those looks … those looks that communicate intense bonding and love don’t come as often for infertiles, but when they do, well, I don’t know about you, but&hellip

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What She Said…


There are good surprises and not-so-good surprises delivered through email. The good surprises arrive like little gifts dropping in via g.oogle alerts. Ping. Someone has written nice things about my blog, and what they say&hellip

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The Power of Connecting With Others


Imagine if you always wanted to have children but couldn’t all the while working in a flower shop fulfilling orders for new mothers upon the birth of their babies. Each May, you volunteered to work&hellip

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looking back

When Nature Calls…


… it’s not as if you can just say you’re busy washing your hair. Taming biology is not quite as simple as many opining on the New York Times website seem to think. There were&hellip

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What Is It About the “I” Word?


First, let me express my sincere gratitude to all of you who have stopped by to visit. I’d be lying like a rug if I didn’t say I was a tad worried when I learned&hellip

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Becoming Me


Around birthdays and anniversaries I find myself drawn into a makeshift “this is your life” review. Dim the lights and cue the music because … that’s right Pamela Jeanne….THIS IS YOUR LIFE. (I must have&hellip

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Searching for Answers


Most of us go online to find answers. While the vast majority of queries are straightforward or simply look for clarification, others are downright philosophical or probing. For the searchee (me) reviewing the phrases or&hellip

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