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BlogHer Video: When The Road to Motherhood Is Anything But Smooth


Join Pamela Tsigdinos, Lori from Weebles Wobblog, Monica Mingo, and Melissa from Stirrup Queens for a frank discussion about what it’s like to realize you are not on the fast track to motherhood. These women&hellip

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From The Mouths of Babes


What can you possibly tell a persistent four-year-old about infertility? The short answer: nothing. What can she teach you? Now there’s some fodder for a blog post… Imagine me sitting with my new BFF, an&hellip

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in vitro fertilization

Brangelina “Not Defective,” Just Impatient is All


Enough! Give me back the gossip magazines of old. Where’s Bjork? I want Thelma and Louise! I long for days when fashion snafus on the red carpet and stars on their exotic vacations filled the&hellip

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Can A Six Foot Tall Woman Be Invisible?


The title of this post is a variation on the question that was posed at the onset of a BlogHer panel I attended called Women Without Children in the Blogosphere. (Hey, is this an opportunity&hellip

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Survivor: BlogHer Edition


I survived. I am home in my most comfortable old sweatshirt and yoga pants (though I don’t use them for yoga) drinking coffee while only a feet away sits the best man on the planet,&hellip

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Surrounded by ‘Mommy Bloggers’


I pulled my car into the hotel garage where the BlogHer conference would take place and found it ironic that two women with infants tucked snuggly in Baby Bjorns were there to greet me …&hellip

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BlogHer Wardrobe and Big Time Nerves


If you see me at the Blogher 08 conference starting later this week chances are good — unless I spill red wine or spaghetti sauce on it — you’ll find me wearing a little something&hellip

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As a Mom

‘Inferti-Nesia’ : When Infertiles Forget


Hokey doke. Time for some ‘infertiles’ fun since I’ve been way too heavy and all buzz-kill of late. I bring you another “as a mom” laden story replaced with the requisite “as an infertile” and&hellip

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hormonal havoc

Hormonal Havoc & Useless Ovulation


cranky. Cranky. CRANKY. I’d like to attribute it entirely to jet lag, but that would be too easy and not altogether accurate. No. I think it’s driven in part by ample time to think —&hellip

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Climate Change in Infertility Land


Wispy clouds. Blue skies. Threatening gray. Streaks of sunlight. Gusty winds. Drizzle. Ominous clouds. Brilliant sunshine. Rain. While I’m describing the fast-changing weather outside of London as I make my way to Heathrow to return&hellip

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