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Elizabeth Gilbert

Not the Standard Issue Woman (and That’s Okay)


How appropriate that my last post before starting my blogging sabbatical coincides with a discussion about the book Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything. I’ve been a regular participant of the Barren Bitches&hellip

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Caution: Work In Process


The upside of vacation is time to think. The downside of vacation is time to think. And I’ve been doing more thinking than usual. That usually gets my husband nervous. And for good reason. Toss&hellip

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Head In the Clouds


Will be mostly offline this week to take in some clean mountain air and beautiful vistas with the best guy on the planet bar none. Hiking at altitude (8,500 feet) and romantic wine and cheese&hellip

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Blog reader mail

Reader Mail: Infertility Affects More Than Infertiles


It’s been quite a while (April, actually) since we had an entry for the Act of Kindness category, but that’s just an oversight on my part. The “acts” have been happening from women who have&hellip

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looking back

Looking Back At How I Got Here


15-44. That’s a category I just left in the dust. Normally I don’t pay much attention to age-related categories but this is a biggie. It’s the standard measure of child-bearing age. The U.S. Census bureau&hellip

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