Monthly Archives For October 2008

Unfinished Business


There are some experiences in life that continue to shape and forge us long after the actual experience has ended. We stretch and grow and learn a lot while living it. Then we learn a&hellip

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Remedial Infertility


When I’m not stressing out about being born with terrible timing (from embarrassing myself at dancing/aerobics classes of any kind to the most recent evidence: starting a house remodel just weeks before the market went&hellip

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An “Ah Ha” Moment


It took a 2,400 mile trip back home this weekend, sitting in the bedroom where I once spun hopeful, cotton candy plans for my future, to make me see that I have spent the better&hellip

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And Another Thing…


Editor’s Note: In fairness I did warn a few months back that while I was coming to terms with the whole broken uterus thing and what it’s done to me I would likely have some&hellip

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