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An Infertile’s Guide to New Year’s Resolutions


Instead of this New Year’s resolution: Have carefully timed sex for procreation. Make this one: Indulge in long-forgotten carnal pleasures with your significant other whenever the spirit moves you. Instead of this New Year’s resolution:&hellip

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Reveal Yourself (And Pass the ‘Nog, Please)


Update: You’ll find further thoughts — a point, counterpoint contained in the comments below. If I receive fewer holiday cards next year I’ll know why. It will likely be the result of the blog post&hellip

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I’m a Ferrari? Now Exhale


Damn! Where’s the tape recorder when you need it? The playback of last night’s conversation with Mr. Pamela Jeanne would have been a keeper. I’ll try to recreate a portion of it here. It started&hellip

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So Not Cool!


I’ve had my issues with the Catholic church for some time now but they’ve made it clear in their latest “instruction” they don’t want me, either. I guess this is the end of our rocky&hellip

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Me and Lady Sarah Ashley: BFF


As expected, you came through once again in the last post with your reassuring, nurturing comments to Jay. Makes me wish I knew you all 10+ years ago when I was a neophyte on the&hellip

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A “Sister” Looks for Answers


We’ve all been there. Lost and eager for answers — or at a minimum some guidance on those “where do I turn?” days. When things aren’t what they seem. When you have only bits and&hellip

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Fragile Dreams, My Stove Vent and Anticipation


When I put my home remodel in the context of infertility I found some poignant parallels. It all started eight and a half years when we bought our house — a modest-sized but quirky ranch&hellip

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So Much to Read, So Little Time


Got my hands full these days … won’t bore you with the details. I did, though, want to share a few links. Can’t help but marvel at the coincidence of the timing here on few&hellip

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