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At What Cost?


Updated Friday a.m. I’m troubled. Sickened, actually. When did drugs/treatment intended for infertility become recreational options for people with children? This story gets weirder by the minute. You’ll find a great discussion taking place in&hellip

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Show & Tell: A Colorful Life Returns


There was a time when I was young and naive. I looked at life through rosy-colored glass. My life was colorful. I was the quintessential Pollyanna, which is why coping with infertility has been doubly&hellip

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Barren, Not Beaten


When I started this blog nearly two years ago I was in a world of hurt. Not just your ordinary owie or gosh, darn I’m disappointed. I’m talking the World Series of Hurt. Think caged&hellip

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Calling All Warriors


war·ri·or Pronunciation:ˈwȯr-yər, ˈwȯr-ē-ər, ˈwär-ē- also ˈwär-yər n. 1. One who is engaged in or experienced in battle. 2. One who is engaged aggressively or energetically in an activity, cause, or conflict You know who you&hellip

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How Can Someone With a High IQ Be So Freakin’ DENSE?


There are few things more maddening than observing a highly intelligent person demonstrating absolutely zero common sense or sensitivity. There’s just no excuse. With so many brain cells to spare a few of them should&hellip

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Womanly In More Ways Than One


FYI: I’m updating this post with a poll since the Newsweek story (mentioned below) has had me wondering what you (infertile and fertile alike) really think. Since anonymous polls net more participation, here’s your chance&hellip

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My Mosaic Project Continues


A new year and with it the opportunity to take a look back at where we’ve come from and, perhaps more importantly, point ourselves in the direction we’d like to go. For some of us&hellip

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