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Plate Smashing, Anyone?


Just for the record, I do think about a whole bunch of things that have absolutely nothing to do with broken reproductive systems, but given the charter of this blog … infertility is what I&hellip

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Listen Up, Universe…


I interrupt my self-absorbed slog to free myself from infertility’s clutches to get a few things off my chest. Feel free to join in… You see, more than a few of my favorite women in&hellip

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Interviewed by a Vampire


When it comes to choosing entertainment or really good distractions in the form of TV/film, I’ve got range. I’m as comfortable in front of a classic Masterpiece Theatre or historical mini series (adored John Adams,&hellip

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post traumatic growth

An Unexpected Life


Something remarkable happened last Friday. During a deeply personal conversation revolving around making sense of infertility losses — and other equally light topics (NOT!) — I didn’t shed a tear. This was a first. There&hellip

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