Have a Story to Tell? #UnmaskingIVF

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One story will forever mark a turning point for me: Facing Life With Children When It Isn’t By Choice. Since it ran June 10, 2008 that June date now has special significance, too. It’s the day I crossed over from a blogger writing under a pseudonym to my reveal on The New York Times homepage (yeah, I know, it still blows my mind, too). In the nine years since I’ve had the good fortune to connect with many amazing women and men who have generously shared their stories.

This year, June 10 also marks the debut of a new project — one aimed at opening up a new channel of experiential learning and sharing. It’s very much in its early days. You’re the first to hear about it.
The ReproTechTruths initiative, spelled out here, is rooted in education and knowledge building. ReproTechTruths also builds on the excellent research and reporting completed recently by the Center for Investigative Reporting. If you haven’t tuned in yet, give it listen: REVEAL Podcast, June 3, 2017  There’s more on the making of it here.

As we begin the year leading up to the 40th anniversary of IVF, we’re well positioned to broaden the narrative that surrounds this life-altering procedure. Whether patient-consumers, concerned scientists, reporters, health advocates or bioethicists we are among those stepping forward around the globe to raise important questions about IVF outcome reporting and clinic practices.

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With your participation in (and sharing of) the #UnmaskingIVF campaign in the coming year we can collectively grow a more complete body of knowledge about IVF and the related reprotech services dispensed today. Please join in bringing about more transparency and longitudinal health studies. After all, who isn’t committed to the safe, responsible and evidence-based practice of medical procedures, and the compassionate care of those who may find themselves childless by not by choice?

If you need more evidence, please give a listen to this conversation first recorded a year ago. (Thanks to a new WordPress upgrade I now have the tools needed to share the audio file.) You’ll hear some familiar voices. Welcome your thoughts and comments, as always.

Now off to celebrate my birthday. I’m now a year older and a little wiser, but still working on becoming me


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