An Act of Kindness

What To Do or Say?


 A reader left the following comment in response to an earlier post called In Remembrance. (I’m putting this in the Act of Kindness category for all the obvious reasons.) She’s asking for our thoughts. Please&hellip

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Has Hell Frozen Over?


They said it wouldn’t happen. I didn’t see it coming. The odds makers had it down as a long shot. In the end “it” led to the bestowal of another “Act of Kindness Award.” What’s&hellip

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The Quest For Understanding


Out of the nothingness that results from unsuccessful infertility treatment I’ve wanted to create something so that the increasingly invasive treatments and the related loss, damage to dreams and relationships and lingering sadness will not&hellip

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Sitting Down in Support


Are you sitting down? Good. Because you’ll really like this story (and the act of sitting is a symbolic one). When we arrived for dinner yesterday with our friends, the hostess had a news clipping&hellip

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