As An Infertile

Healing Salon: Some Unfinished Business


Welcome back. Pardon me while I tidy up a bit.  I need to get some of the dust and cobwebs off the furniture so I can offer those involved in the Healing Salon a place to sit,&hellip

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Our Next Guest: An Infertile Woman


My, my…how times have changed. Two years ago I could barely summon the courage to acknowledge at a BlogHer holiday meetup that I blogged about infertility. Now, I’m practically wearing a sash. I now chat&hellip

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Going Up!


An an infertile (that’s right, all you “as a moms,” … we infertiles can invoke superiority, too!), I’m happy to report that there’s finally a movie coming to theater near you that contains
a story line that portrays infertiles as endearing, not selfish … sweet, not reviled or pitied.

Time magazine says the movie, Up, will
prove to be one of the most satisfying movie experiences of the year. Hallelujah! It’s about freakin‘ time. Hollywood has some serious making up to do for consistently negative story lines
about my people. Time‘s Richard Corliss writes:

“Spanning two continents and seven decades, Up begins in a 1930s movie theater. A newsreel tells us that famous explorer Charles Muntz (voiced by Christopher Plummer) is just back
from South America’s remote Paradise Falls with the bones of a prehistoric bird. Denounced as a fraud by archaeologists, Muntz vows to retrieve a member of the species and bring it back alive. In the
audience, wearing aviator goggles atop his thick-rimmed specs, is young Carl Fredricksen, who is enthralled by Muntz’s motto, ‘There’s adventure out there!’

“On the way home, Carl finds a kindred spirit: a girl named Ellie, as vivacious as he is stolid, who harbors the same dream of visiting Paradise Falls. It’s love at first sight, and in a
tender montage, Up shows us their life together: the wedding, the fixing up of their home, the quiet walks, their respective jobs at the local zoo (she tending the animals, he selling
balloons), their eager preparations for a child they later learn they can’t have, their need to defer the big trip to pay for home improvements, then her slowing pace and death. This series of
vignettes is played without dialogue and underscored by Michael Giacchino’s wistful waltz. It’s the sweetest, saddest 4 1⁄2 minutes you’ll ever see on film.”

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This Scary Thing, That Scary Thing


M E M O R A N D U M To: The Month May From: Pamela Jeanne Subject: Go Easy On the Life Stuff, ‘Kay? cc: Coming2Terms Readers We all know that I’m just now&hellip

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greeting card

Greeting Cards, Ads You’ll Never See


We’re days away from from a certain “M” day. I know, as in years past, that if I’m out and about the second Sunday in May, I’ll get more than one person wishing me a&hellip

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Interviewed by a Vampire


When it comes to choosing entertainment or really good distractions in the form of TV/film, I’ve got range. I’m as comfortable in front of a classic Masterpiece Theatre or historical mini series (adored John Adams,&hellip

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What Bristol Palin And I Have in Common


An anvil dropping on my head — that approximates the combined effect of a Salon article about Bristol Palin’s suprisingly blunt assessment of unintended motherhood magnified by the equally thought-provoking comments readers left on my&hellip

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At What Cost?


Updated Friday a.m. I’m troubled. Sickened, actually. When did drugs/treatment intended for infertility become recreational options for people with children? This story gets weirder by the minute. You’ll find a great discussion taking place in&hellip

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Womanly In More Ways Than One


FYI: I’m updating this post with a poll since the Newsweek story (mentioned below) has had me wondering what you (infertile and fertile alike) really think. Since anonymous polls net more participation, here’s your chance&hellip

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An Infertile’s Guide to New Year’s Resolutions


Instead of this New Year’s resolution: Have carefully timed sex for procreation. Make this one: Indulge in long-forgotten carnal pleasures with your significant other whenever the spirit moves you. Instead of this New Year’s resolution:&hellip

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