Fantasy Conversations

Listen Up, Universe…


I interrupt my self-absorbed slog to free myself from infertility’s clutches to get a few things off my chest. Feel free to join in… You see, more than a few of my favorite women in&hellip

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Interviewed by a Vampire


When it comes to choosing entertainment or really good distractions in the form of TV/film, I’ve got range. I’m as comfortable in front of a classic Masterpiece Theatre or historical mini series (adored John Adams,&hellip

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Climate Change in Infertility Land


Wispy clouds. Blue skies. Threatening gray. Streaks of sunlight. Gusty winds. Drizzle. Ominous clouds. Brilliant sunshine. Rain. While I’m describing the fast-changing weather outside of London as I make my way to Heathrow to return&hellip

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search terms

You Found Me, How?


Who knew search engine reports could provide such unique insights into the human psyche? With millions of people wrestling with infertility – a condition that doesn’t exactly lend itself easily to discussions over the water&hellip

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Evolved to Perfection


In this installment of the Barren But Beautiful series I’d like to address how to respond to the uninformed or those who are so self-absorbed they’ve never give a moment’s thought to what it might&hellip

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