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Dark side of IVF revealed 40 years later

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Hello to both new and longtime blog readers. Many of you know I drop by Coming2Terms from time to time to share my latest reporting and advocacy work. It’s been a dozen-plus years since we&hellip

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It’s Working! Opinions Changing, Minds Opening…


And we have a winner! Matthew Miller from Maybe Baby dropped by this morning and logged comment number 3,500 on Coming2Terms. A round of applause for all who have taken the time to share thoughts&hellip

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A Window Into the “Silent Disorder”


Note: At the end of this post you’ll see an opportunity to share your thoughts about the “silent disorder” with a wider audience. It’s been a few weeks since I read the story “Blogging Infertility”&hellip

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A Virtual Hug — From A Book


My response was visceral and immediate and caught me by surprise. As I read the following passage aloud to my husband I felt a sob building deep inside. Then it erupted into familiar tears. These&hellip

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Veterans In More Ways Than One


Each year I make a point of honoring Mr. PJ on Veterans Day. Yes, I share a roof with my very own veteran. He served in a peacekeeping force in the U.S. Navy before we&hellip

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Infertility Shout Outs


In keeping with the spirit of National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) and those making a difference, I want to extend a few shout outs: To Ellen, the mother of a 10-month-old, who made a point&hellip

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NIAW: You Can Make a Difference


I admit there’s irony in promoting an item about Infertility Awareness among my largely infertile readership — like y’all need any help being reminded of the difficulties in your world compliments of infertility. In fact&hellip

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The First Step To a New Beginning


Beginning a new day, I awoke at 5:00 am today feeling at peace. That in and of itself is a major breakthrough (the peace part, not the waking up early part). You see, for the&hellip

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Seeing the World Through Someone Else’s Eyes


Losing myself in someone else’s story is one of my favorite pastimes. I’ve been a big reader since I was old enough to make my own book selections at the library. My father would drop&hellip

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The Quest For Understanding


Out of the nothingness that results from unsuccessful infertility treatment I’ve wanted to create something so that the increasingly invasive treatments and the related loss, damage to dreams and relationships and lingering sadness will not&hellip

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