Infertility Studies

post traumatic growth

An Unexpected Life


Something remarkable happened last Friday. During a deeply personal conversation revolving around making sense of infertility losses — and other equally light topics (NOT!) — I didn’t shed a tear. This was a first. There&hellip

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Womanly In More Ways Than One


FYI: I’m updating this post with a poll since the Newsweek story (mentioned below) has had me wondering what you (infertile and fertile alike) really think. Since anonymous polls net more participation, here’s your chance&hellip

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looking back

Looking Back At How I Got Here


15-44. That’s a category I just left in the dust. Normally I don’t pay much attention to age-related categories but this is a biggie. It’s the standard measure of child-bearing age. The U.S. Census bureau&hellip

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Infertility Quiz Time


Infertility is an intensely personal experience but the more I’ve learned about its reach the more surprised I am by how little mainstream visibility the condition actually receives. There are a host of health issues&hellip

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Promises, Promises


Hardly a week goes by when there isn’t some new study talking about a promising new fertility discovery or nefarious contributor to infertility. Take this study not long ago about the 350 genes involved in&hellip

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