Infertility Tales

How Did We Know We Were Done?


Sometimes I’m asked why we stopped pursuing fertility treatment. For those looking for easy answers you won’t find them here. There was no epiphany, no dramatic denouement. We were not driven there by a deadline&hellip

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Our Brother’s Children


I satisfy my craving to know what our children might have been like during extended visits with my two nieces and two nephews. We have a set on either side of the family. Our connections&hellip

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That Pregnant Pause


Yesterday offered up a flashback. Today I’m paying for it, so to speak.  It has been months since I last recorded my cycle on a calendar. It was once mandatory for me to mark a&hellip

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The Time Warp


Everyone who finds themselves assigned to the Infertility Home Room dreams of the day they’ll graduate. News of our assignment turns our worlds upside down. The ignominy hits us hard. We wonder about the mysterious&hellip

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That Dark Place


Warning: Heavier than normal stuff in this post. I’ve have been feeling “it” circling me for a little while. The symptoms are unmistakable: a gradual social withdrawal; the somewhat manic devotion to projects and work&hellip

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The Double Whammy


Today was one of those days that offered up the one-two punch and just about leveled me. Fortunately, a new reader (Baby Blues) dropped by and her comment led me to her blog which had&hellip

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