Letting Go But Not Forgetting

Remedial Infertility


When I’m not stressing out about being born with terrible timing (from embarrassing myself at dancing/aerobics classes of any kind to the most recent evidence: starting a house remodel just weeks before the market went&hellip

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Climate Change in Infertility Land


Wispy clouds. Blue skies. Threatening gray. Streaks of sunlight. Gusty winds. Drizzle. Ominous clouds. Brilliant sunshine. Rain. While I’m describing the fast-changing weather outside of London as I make my way to Heathrow to return&hellip

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infertility ah ha moment

Unexpected Sanctuary


Now that the jetlag has lifted I’ve been able to replay scenes from my recent trip with some new clarity. Along with the replay came something of an “ah ha” moment. The “ah ha” was&hellip

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