Memo to The Fertile Community

So Not Cool!


I’ve had my issues with the Catholic church for some time now but they’ve made it clear in their latest “instruction” they don’t want me, either. I guess this is the end of our rocky&hellip

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Mommy Market Takes a Hit


Editor’s note:  Today’s post comes from PMS Pammie. (Schadenfreude alert: She spotted a few stories that were easy targets for snarky commentary…) ‘Scuse me a moment while I take something for some miserable cramps. Endometriosis&hellip

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From The Mouths of Babes


What can you possibly tell a persistent four-year-old about infertility? The short answer: nothing. What can she teach you? Now there’s some fodder for a blog post… Imagine me sitting with my new BFF, an&hellip

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