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Fertility Drugs Pose Major Health Risks

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 A study reported on today in the U.K’s Telegraph reveals that women taking fertility drugs to stimulate greater egg production are at risk from life-threatening side effects. This sentence from the article would be a&hellip

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Figuring Out Where I Fit In


I did a little homework in the blogosphere before I started this blog. There are a staggeringly high number of blogs dedicated to those deep in the throes of trying to conceive using any and&hellip

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No more to say? How can that be?

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There exists an insidious bias around the subject of infertility.  At its root, I believe, are two factors. First, there’s the sheer incomprehensibility that one’s birthright to reproduce might be compromised — who wants to&hellip

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Just The Beginning…


I’ve been thinking for some time that there are others out there like me. Those who are reminded daily of what might have been. It’s been exactly three years and seven months since my husband&hellip

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