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Pearls of Wisdom: Navigating Change


My guy is as soft spoken as they come. Where temperament is concerned we’re the textbook example of “opposites attract.” If he is a stable atom, I’m a free radical.  I push him out of&hellip

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Thrashing Out New Answers


As I make my way through what has begun to feel like “grief central” a new set of thoughts and questions is surfacing. Why does the grief from infertility feel so substantially different from when&hellip

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Role Models and Putting Emotions Work


I’m devoting this year to making huge leaps and bounds in managing my infertility and its legacy. For the first time since my IVF failures I am going to look to the future no longer&hellip

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Promises, Promises


Hardly a week goes by when there isn’t some new study talking about a promising new fertility discovery or nefarious contributor to infertility. Take this study not long ago about the 350 genes involved in&hellip

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Can We Really Quantify Loss?


Death has been a little too familiar of late. On the same day my friend lost her brother my uncle passed away. A man in his mid-70s, I recall him mostly as shy and soft-spoken&hellip

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Putting Emotions Into Words


When an experience literally changes your life it’s difficult to put the ensuing emotions into words, to translate just how fundamentally your world has altered. Trying to untangle those emotions and make sense of them&hellip

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He’s (Not) Here


Okay, if I’ve heard it once I’ve heard it a thousands times. Don’t waste time dwelling on what you don’t have, dwell on what you do have. I ask my head: are you in agreement?&hellip

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