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dark side of IVF

Dark side of IVF revealed 40 years later

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Hello to both new and longtime blog readers. Many of you know I drop by Coming2Terms from time to time to share my latest reporting and advocacy work. It’s been a dozen-plus years since we&hellip

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Infertility insights shared by Coming2Terms readers

Looking for Infertility Insights?


Hello new readers and visitors… If you’re here for infertility insights you’re in the right place. You’ll find 279 blog posts and 5,042 comments — all shared since Coming2Terms started in February 2007. Take a&hellip

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Getting Comfortable in My Barren Skin


Exercise-induced endorphins aside I think it’s safe to say that I’m getting much more comfortable in my barren skin, glowing now thanks to the Lifecyle 9100 recumbent bike. I’ve had more than a few “infertility&hellip

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in vitro fertilization

Brangelina “Not Defective,” Just Impatient is All


Enough! Give me back the gossip magazines of old. Where’s Bjork? I want Thelma and Louise! I long for days when fashion snafus on the red carpet and stars on their exotic vacations filled the&hellip

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IVF memory

IVF: Five Years Ago Frozen in Time


This week marks the five year anniversary of my last IVF cycle, my last egg retrieval and embryo transfer. I was doing my best not to dwell on it but how could I not? That&hellip

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Can We Really Quantify Loss?


Death has been a little too familiar of late. On the same day my friend lost her brother my uncle passed away. A man in his mid-70s, I recall him mostly as shy and soft-spoken&hellip

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Avoiding Cul-de-Sacs


With time to ponder on a long flight home I formulated a new travel-related analogy  to characterize the difference between living life fertile vs. infertile. The fertile contigent lives life to a large degree on&hellip

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It’s Not Right, But I Understand…


This story: Man sold drugs to ‘pay for IVF’ on the BBC News website caught my eye and left me sympathetic toward the offending party. His defender had this to say: “This is a most&hellip

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Deciding When Enough is Enough with IVF


There are generally three categories of couples in the infertility world: those considering treatment; those actively engaged in treatment; and those who grudgingly realize that they’ve reached the end of the road and cease IVF&hellip

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